• Architecture & Software Development

    We specialize in systems with complex visualization, data and computation needs where choosing the right design is the difference between simple and failure. From data modeling to systems architecture to typing in code and making it work, we deliver software products in complex domains

  • Scientific Computing

    Turning differential equations into simulations. Modeling millions of work products in a complex graph. Machine learning. Data management at scale. GPU and cluster computing where time is measured in nanoseconds. We turn science into software.

  • Productizing R&D

    A brilliant research prototype has to work beyond a researcher’s desktop. We have experience turning it into functioning software, deployed world-wide with usable interfaces, sensible databases, and high performance.

  • Product Strategy

    High value products don’t always follow the “Field of Dreams” scenario – build it and they will come. Instead you need a plan that hits milestones, respects different user personas, and aligns with business strategy.